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The first product is a Wind Turbine

The first product is a 4 kW wind turbine that costs under $4,000.  That includes the patented new inverter, power generator, blades/sails, and base.  It is lightweight, under 300 lbs, which makes it easy to install anywhere.  It plugs into any standard outlet. The blades/sails turn slowly to reduce wear and noise.  All of this is designed to provide the quickest payback possible.

Easy to Install 

Light weight so it can be installed and generating electricity in under two hours.

Lasting Power

Quality and simplicity by design to provide years of reliable operation. 

Seamless Operation

The unit plugs directly into any standard power outlet and the on-board operating system handles everything automatically. 

Quickest Payback

The unit is designed in every way to provide the quickest payback of any renewable energy technology available today. 

Is your roof a good candidate for this wind turbine?

  1. First, determine the typical average wind for your area by referencing this chart.

  2. Next check with local weather stations to get a better sense of your specific area’s wind resources.

  3. You need to determine if your roof or silo is far enough away from trees and other obstacles to generate adequate wind.  The ideal scenario would be that your roof line is 25 feet above any trees, buildings or hills which are within a 250 foot radius.

  4. You can also check the wind resources by looking at the surrounding trees to see if they have signs of prevailing wind distortion.  Use this Griggs-Putnam Energy Index as a guide.

  5. Finally, you can place an anemometer on your roof to measure the actual wind loading for your location.  If your location is marginal, we recommend you test it for at least one month and compare your findings to local wind station data.

  6. If your roof has average winds over 9 mph, you may be a good candidate for this wind turbine.

Money Back Guarantee

​If the wind turbine does not meet its published energy curves, we believe you should send it back for a refund equal to your purchase price less the energy created.

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