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Light a Village

UPower is a Family-Owned business, so no matter what the make-up of your family is, we want to assist you in helping other families become energy independent or for some families around the world, the wind turbine may be providing the first electricity their village has ever had.
The UPower Family to Family Program recognizes that you are the solution.  If you tell your friends about the wind turbine, and they join us to become more energy independent, we want to acknowledge your contribution. 
So, for every ten (10) of your friends who purchases a wind turbine, you can choose one of the following:

Light a Village Campain

We will provide a wind turbine to a village without reliable electricity in your name.
Today 18% of the world still lives without basic electricity – that is 1.25 billion people!  And hundreds of millions more live with unreliable electricity.  While wind energy is not the only necessary solution, we can play a role.  The wind turbine is uniquely designed to work in remote areas where reliability and simplicity are added benefits.
With this said, there are responsible ways and irresponsible ways to assist in the developing world.  UPower will partner with local entrepreneurs (through responsible organizations) to assist that person in setting up their own energy production company in their area.  You will actually be “co-operating” this energy business with these local experts.

It Pays to Share Program

You can receive a 50% discount off of the price of your next system.

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